"Yummy, juicy, salacious, rockin' romp!"
-- Pamela Des Barres
   Groupie Guru and author of Let's Spend the Night Together and I'm with the Band

"Great f*****g read."
-- Kenny Strode
   Producer for The Morning After, KFNS 590

"Rockin Rita was definitely the queen of rock fans in the Midwest with her signature short, tight mini-skirt. You never had a problem picking Rita out in a crowd. She was probably on a first-name basis with more tour managers and rock stars than anyone I ran across, and I've been in the business for thirty-plus years. Rita never had a problem getting backstage, in a dressing room, or on a tour bus. She seemed to have the ultimate 'key to the city' when bands rolled into town."
-- Tom Bergin
   President, Concert Security Services

ISBN: 9781936840168
Arbor Oak Books
Paperback, 204 pages
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